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"His name is Kyle Katarn, he's one of the jedi masters I've met besides Master Skywalker. It's ironic that the predators we've seen here are called katarns."
Kyla said smiling. "They will be able to help us so let's go see them shall we?" She said and she started walking towards them.

In the meanwhile, Jethro was still with the rest of the stormtroopers back in the forest. They were still searching, but they only found a couple of predators so far. "Time to cause some confusion." Jethro thought. He was a few meters away from the tree behind which he hid his robes and lightsaber. Jethro turned around to check if no-one was watching him. "Ok all clear, I better get this armor off quickly." After putting his robes back on, Jethro equiped his lightsabers and peeked around the edge of the tree. "Well, time to get started." When a stormtrooper came around the corner to see where TH-1185 went, Jethro jumped up the tree using the force. "Someone left stormtrooper armor here!" the stormtrooper yelled. He picked up the helmet and read the number written in the inside. "What the, this is TH-1185's helmet." A group of stormtroopers gathered around him until one of the leading stormtroopers joined them and said:"Blasted, that must have been a spy in disguise." "What are your orders sir?" one of the troopers asked. "FIND HIM." the leading stormtrooper yelled as he turned around started walking.

It was at that moment Jethro decided to begin his attack. He turned on his lightsabers and jumped down the trees. He killed the stormtroopers with five quick slashes and their corpses fell to the ground. The noise and screaming alerted the other stormtroopers and they would soon be all over his position.
Jethro ran away, alerting some of the troopers nearby who randomly started shooting at him. Their lasers didn't hit their target since they didn't have the time to aim correctly and Jethro was running too fast as well. When the stormtroopers lost track of him, Jethro sneaked around them and hid behind a tree. When a stormtrooper passed it, Jethro quickly pulled him behind it and cut his throat with one of his lightsabers, killing him silently. "Six down, fifty-four to go."he murmered under his breath and he grinned. "This will be fun."
A few stormtroopers came back to see where their comrad went and Jethro quickly hid behind a fallen tree. "The jedi must have gotten him." the stormtrooper said when they found the dead stormtrooper. "He's around here somewhere!" he yelled and more troopers came into their direction. When a couple of stormtroopers passed the fallen tree, Jethro jumped up and killed two of the troopers with two quick strikes with his lightsabers. Their corpses fell to the ground and the other stormtrooper turned to see what was happening. When he saw Jethro standing above his fallen brethren's dead bodies, he aimed his blaster rifle but he didn't fire. Instead, his upper torso was seperated from his lower body and the two pieces fell on the ground. The clone never saw Jethro throwing his lightsaber at him when he had turned around. He was already dead before he fell to the ground. More stormtroopers rallied to the scene when they heard the fighting. Again, Jethro jumped up a tree and sat down on a branch. "Nine down, fifty-one to go. This is going to be a lot easier than I thought it would be." Suddenly, one of the stormtroopers saw Jethro sitting high up in the tree." THERE HE IS!!!" he yelled and stormtroopers started shooting at the tree like mad. "Ok, maybe not as easy as I thought." he thought as he jumped to another tree. Jethro kept jumping from tree to tree and avoided the blaster fire. After a minute or two, the stormtroopers lost track of him and the forest went silent. The only thing they could hear was the constant sound of footsteps coming from the many stormtrooper boots walking over the forest floor. "I wonder how things are going with Sara and Kyla..." Jethro thought as he prepared himself to make another attack.

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