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Originally Posted by steven
Noticing the Millennium Falcon and the Echo was attempting to get a tractor beam lock on the Death Glider, John sent a message to Falcon for assistance.
"Millennium Falcon, good to see you again, this is the Death Glider. I'm under attack by force's who are under the command of Darth Malus, Jaden Korr."
"Be right there!" Han shouted in the com, "Now where have I heard the name Jaden before?"

Chewbacca growled.

"Oh yeah, Kyle's apprentice," Han said, "Well we better rescue this Death Glider."

Han piloted the Millennium Falcon towards the Death Glider.

"Put the shields up Chewie!" Han shouted.

The shields were up and Han piloted the Millennium Falcon in front of the Death Glider, blocking all the incoming shots.

"We better get to Kashyyyk." Han said through the com.
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