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Hmmm, there's a problem I've been meaning to mention somewhere and this seems like a thread it would fit in.

Namely, about two, two and a half months ago I took a look at the sort of resurrected thread in the Telos Tourist Bureau called ''Are Arren Kae and Kreia the same person?'', I noticed that the people who revived the discussion were simply repeating word-by-word the already stated and repeated arguments. As a friendly and considerate six months old forumite (at that time, now it's almost nine months) I tried to get them to post some new reasons for their opinions (those were mostly new members so I was doing my best to be extra nice and friendly ), they didn't quite listen to me, so since I don't actually have any authority over them I dropped it.

The point of me telling this is the following question: Do you consider that sort of thread revival unjustified? (I'm asking because I don't remember any warnings from the mods in the case I mentioned)

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