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Originally Posted by The Death Star
Yes. Compare Lego Star Wars to the Lego Star Wars II Demo.

LSW: All Lightsabre Characters are super athletic, spinning about and slashing things.
LSWII: Lightsabre Characters are slow, inaccurate and hardly athletic.

LSW: All lightsabre characters have more moves than Blaster characters. Blaster Characters seemed to be underpowered compared to Lightsabre characters, e.g Where Lightsabre characters block blaster bolts, blaster characters cannot.
LSWII: The Tables have been turned! Once Powerful warriors, Lightsabre characters are now underpowered when compared to the blaster characters. The only redeeming feature is that they have cool force moves and can do double jumps. Blaster Characters now dodge blaster bolts then fire again! they leap about and fire rapidly upon landing! much better than the rubbish blocking-with-the-sabre-routine.

there's my views ^^
Dang, that really sucks. That almost totally undermines the customization part of the game. Almost everyone would want their plc to wield a lightsaber, but since they're now so underpowered... I never would have expected such a change.

Unless that is, they're balancing the playing field for a surprise multiplayer vs. mode to be released? I hope not.

Query: What "special moves unique to each character" are available?


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