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I also thought it was repetition at first, but after I tried changing the size of rect, naw it wasn't repetition

What I don't understand is, the right side of the hud uses an image with an outline that is created from the same psd that Plasma did. When I use the right hud ie. change 'background' value to hud/gfx/hudright.tga, it works fine, there's no additional line, but it persists with the left hud. I think the game has a personal vendetta against hudleft.tga or something

Argh I'm really pissed off. I need to take a break


K I don't know how this solved the problem, but I just changed the background of the RGB channels to black, presto, artifact gone. Weird

But never mind that, I'm so happy now! Rejoice! w00t! Now I just need Razor to send me the dlls before we finish it up
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