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okay, this isn't really a Side-Quest but i've just got to ask. i know that the item will be random everytime we played, but do you know a specific place where i can get a Jedi Master robe. i only know one place,

when you infiltrated Iziz Royal Palace and siding with Queen Talia, there is Vaklu Commander (or something like that) standing with his lieutenant and Kiph. when you killed him, you get a Jedi Master robe and when you killed his lieutenant you got a Jedi Knight robe. and if you killed Kiph you got a computer spike (or something like that).

so is there anyplace else, Daraala in Dantooine suppose to sell one, but she didn't in my game although i've had played the game 3 times now, this is the only time she didn't. so , share your knowledge with me, please.

sorry if i put this in the wrong place, but is PCGAMEMODS is accessable. hoorey.

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