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Originally Posted by Darth54
And am I the only one to think that the TPM duel is bad? I know it's not really the place to discuss this, but since it has already been mentioned...
I think it looks fake. You can see that the actors only follow by heart the thing they learned. There is also zero emotion and interaction during this duel. They just fight. In all the other duels, there's something more to the fight than simply wanting to kill the bad guy who said 2 lines in the whole movie.

In AotC, they want to catch Dooku to end the war. In RotS, it's the master who tries to stop his apprentice. In ANH, it's the apprentice taking his revenge. In ESB, the father tells to truth to his son. In RotJ, the son saves the father. In TPM, it's just "wha?"
Well, first of all, remember there were like five battles going on at once, not enough time for emotion really. But even then, when Qui-Gon was killed, it started to get pretty emotional, or at least I thought so.

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