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[Reb] New role-playing clan

Hi, This is a new role-playing clan for those who like to play as Rebels.

I know my name is ImpElite, but when I played EAW I ended up being better with and liked playing Rebels more than Imperials.

This clan does not require you to register at a website or do anything except see me (or future recruiters for the clan) in-game and prove that you know how to use the Rebels.

If this clan gets large enough, if most of the people in the clan would like to have a clan war, then it has a good chance of getting a clan war.

When I get online later I'll change my name so if you're interested contact me in-game through buddy chat/or on these forums and we'll contact each other in-game sometime.

ex-UEAW Mod Team Mapper.

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