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Pottsie, how could you possibly be annoying offering help?

They could have a baby down the line, the Force signature would certainly attract something bad. I can even imagine a Bindo branch of the Order.

I was thinking of sending them off to find out about a Force disease--perhaps a few Jedi succumbed, and they have to figure out what's doing it and why.

I know the title doesn't fit the story anymore. When I started it, I meant to make it more Jolee focused, with him telling little stories as they went through similar experiences, and Jae and Talin would have almost a side role. Then I decided 'hmm, I should have them go on a quest.' Then the story took a big turn from my initial concept into something completely different, and I went along for the ride. I just didn't feel like changing the title.
The next one will have a title that fits better, theoretically, since I'll have an outline of it beginning to end rather than doing an outline in the middle of the story after I've realized that the story has gone way farther than I ever imagined.

And yes, Revan was LSM in my story.

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