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Most Famost and Largest Museum in Tokyo

During my last tour in Japan, I can honestly say that I really had a good time visiting Japanís known and largest museum, the Tokyo National Museum. I was really fascinated with the different artifacts that can be seen in the said museum. It was an enjoyable visit and at the same very enriching because I learned a lot about the Japanese culture and other Asian countries. There were a lot of galleries that display important Japanese artifacts that are worth watching because they show how colorful and rich Japanese culture is. There are also galleries showing some artifacts of other Asian countries which are very interesting to see.

Too bad, we only spent one hour inside the museum because my friends were all excited to go to other areas in Tokyo. Although I really wanted to come back the following day, I could not do it because we have to meet some Japanese friends in Kyoto. However, I have made up my mind that I would go back to Tokyo and visit that museum again. This time, I would make sure that my Japan visit would be more enjoyable and complete. I would not only go to Tokyo National Museum but also to other Japanese historical and interesting places.
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