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Mayhem slapped her forehead, "NOES! We were so close to Cali...oh well." She clutched the steering wheel and jammed it in the right direction. Zip! Zam! Zoom! The ATM semi-gracefully flew to Australia. 3 min. later (the ATM is fast) she met up wiht Jimmy. Pyramid grunted to him. Mayhem nodded, "ditto. So, where is Tammy?"

"Idiot," Lili sighed, pointing to a burning building not too far off, "She's right there, can't you see her?"

"The ATM can fly?" he then asked. Mayhem shrugged, "it can also make killer chai-lattes."

"So..." gargled voices then rang through the otherwise still atmosphere, "You came back for more? Well, no one harms our mistress." THE KIDS!

"Mayhem tensed, "Raz, Lili, you take these dudes on, me and Jimmy here...and hopefull the others when they get here are going into Tammy's mind." The two nodded, commmencing an action scene too awesome and violent to type. Mayhem thrust the arrowhead on her quiver through the psi-portal Raz had handed her. She took aim at the ever-nearing Tammy's head and released. "&*%$!" She wailed. Mayhem rushed forward in time to be sucked into the madwomans mind, knowing she'd die pretty soon.
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