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Why are GITMO detainees given a presumption of guilt?

What ever happened to American values? What ever happened to due process of law? What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

Watch that clip; it's Stephen Colbert debating... himself... on the issue of GITMO. Sums up the debate very well.

To be honest I'm not so worried about the issues of sleep deprivation and extreme temperatures as I am about the chance of innocent people being locked up. I don't trust the government to know who's a terrorist. I really don't. Government is incompetent as hell, and that's why there have to be checks and balances. If government was a perfect system then an authoritarian dictatorship would be ideal... but government is flawed and couldn't be farther from perfection.

It must be accepted that if you want to live in a free society, you cannot also live in a safe society. If you want to live in an authoritarian society that gives the state the authority to lock up whoever it wants to, then move to Cuba. But we give people the presumption of innocence... no matter if they were found in Afghanistan or in the U.S.
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