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Yet another X-Wing / Win XP compatibility issue. (Sorry :P)

Hi there. I am having trouble running x-wing, specifically the collector series version with the upgraded X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter graphics. I was able to install the game from the CD without any issues. The launcher comes up just fine too; but when I click on the "Play X-Wing" button on the launcher, the screen goes black (I assume it's switching to 640x480 mode) I see the "hourglass" mouse icon in the center of the screen for a split second, then I get booted back to XP. There are no error messages, the X-Wing launcher isn't there anymore, and nothing seems wrong (other than the fact that I am of course not playing X-Wing :P).

I've found the X-Wing/Tie Fighter 95 compatibility fix file and I've even seen a thread about renaming the XWING95.EXE file to Z_XVT__.EXE. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions work for me. They both result in the same behavior described above. I've also tried setting the compatibility mode for XWING95.EXE to win 95 and win 98/ME, but this results in the game not being able to recognize my usb joystick (an error message pops up before the game even attempts to launch and wont let me past that point).

So I'm not quite sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it helps, here's what I'm trying to run it with:

OS: Windows XP
Joystick: Logitech Attack 3 USB
Video Card: GeForce FX 5500
Direct-X version: 9.0c

Also, it may be of note that I was able to successfully install and run all of the following (these are all still currently on my system):

Tie Fighter collector CD version (from same bundle with the X-Wing I'm having trouble with)
X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM (older version with the original graphics; I got this running with VDMSound)
X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (full version, not the Flight School version)
XvT Balance of Power expansion

Again, any help will be very appreciated. Thanks.
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