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So if you're certain that every single one of the detainees are terrorists, why not give them trials and sentence them? If they're all certainly terrorists, surely it would not be difficult to convict them!

You seem to be certain that every single detainee is a terrorist, and not say, an innocent taxi driver at the wrong place at the wrong time, and therefore subject to indefinite confinement and even mistreatment or torture.

There's no point in torturing people... all it does is make terrorist attacks on the U.S. more likely. GITMO is a major recruiting tool for terrorists... if we cleaned up GITMO then we would take away a tool of al-Qaeda. Sounds good to me.

GITMO is only working against America and for al-Qaeda. Not to mention how un-American it is, holding people at the mercy of the state without trials... pfft. That's how things run in China.
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