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My Psychonauts rant

I know the game has been out for awhile, but I'm new to this place and really need to vent all my love for this incredible game. Bear with me because I have all of this stuff built up since none of my friends really like the game. Sooo..., I like Psychonauts because:

It has some of the most genuinely funny writing in a videogame

The characters are human and easy to relate to

BRILLIANT level design and concept

In a world full of bland FPS and cheesy RPG's, Psychonauts is keeping the great genre of platforming alive

Some of the greatest boss battles in a game

Brilliant mix of stellar collecting, puzzle solving and exploration

Gives me that "kid in a candy store" feeling that can't be beat. I simply love this game and can't talk about it enough. That's been my rant for today. Time to go lay down and catch a breather.
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