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As Darth Tepe left the room, Kaoin said, "Bring it on. No one can stand up to me."

He immediately left the room and headed for the underground bay where his shuttle was located.

Boarding the shuttle, he put his hand on the pilots shoulder and said, "Make it quick. I do not have TIME for this!" Kaoin remarked viciously. Moments later they were out of the hangar and into space, heading for his flagship, the Garm.

The moment they were in space, Kaoin sent an encoded message to captain Katrina Mandaal, ordering her to ready his fleet.

"Acknowledged," the Captain said from the Destroyer, "Mandaal, out." and the screen shut off.

((Garm is the Keeper of Hell in Celtic mythology. Kinda fitting, don'tcha think?))

"They are minor criminals! Marginal outlaws! You are inept!" ~ Darth Vader
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