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Tepe withrdrew into the command bunker to see the situation.
"Sire, the Republic Fleet has taken in the shuttle. Our explosives have been set on it and our spy on Coruscant will contact us as soon as the shuttle lands. However, sie, we should take to concideration that the jedi would want to go to Ossus to organize a defence" a General said as he walked to his lord and then followed him in the bunker until the Dark Lord would leave.
"Yes, indeed... My apprentice is ready to assault Ossus as soon as it becomes a problem, but I don't think he is going to fight for our cause for much longer. As soon as the Sith Space has been conquered and any resistance has vanished, I think he's going to try and kill me for my spot as the leader of the Dominion" he said and walked to the holotable where the space around Tibrin was shown with the planet itself in the middle. The Republic Fleet had not yet jumped to hyperspace, but most of the ships on Tibrin left the planet and/or it's orbit and jumping to hyperspace. On the Sith's other planets, this procedure also happened, so if the size of the fleets leaving Tibrin amazed the Republic, they should triple that amount and then add battle meditation to the effectiveness of the soldiers onboard. However, the Battle Sphere was still being heavily defended as the Republic was still present in the system

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