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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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((reads posts before logging in. Oh! Thats what red ment when he said 'not like the pic in r15's sig'

got em turned off))

*As soon as Kioet ceases fire and speaks to him, Irvine stops his evading.

He walks out in his three forms, and looks at Kioet. They stand there for a moment silent, until each seem satisfied and two of them vanish in a puff of dark wisps.*

Irvine *annoyed* "Detain me? You desided on fireing upon me. I question the motives of your boss for sending me a stray rogue for hire. I mean, first you want to obliterate me with your vanguard gadgets, now you want to just detain. I really don't care what you look like now."

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