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Okay, here's something that I think I'm the only one who's ever noticed. I know I will be flamed, attacked, and burned by fanboys of the original versions for saying this, but here goes...

The first editions I ever saw were the special editions, and later the DVD editions. Now these were all fine and well for me, but because of all the people saying the original versions were so good, I decided to watch my grandparents' old, unopened 1995 VHS versions. Now ESB and RotJ weren't really much different to me, but when I saw A New Hope... here it comes...

The quality looked like crap. I could not believe how low-budget it looked during the whole movie. The orange effect under the speeder, the terrible, pretty much white lightsabers, and worst of all... during the throne room scene, right before the credits, the screen just shifts to the left randomly (even in the credits it looked uneven). I could not believe how terribly cheap it looked. I'm sorry fans of the originals, but it was just very hard to enjoy when it felt like I was watching a crappy little fan-film (picture quality-wise, not dialogue quality-wise). Please don't flame me, but this was really how I felt whilst watching (I guess it was a little exaggeration saying "the whole movie," but it looked low-budget at some relatively important/exciting parts)...

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