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Yay, another bumped post.

I will probably be burned alive for saying this, but... all right... here it goes...

The Phantom Menace > Attack of the Clones > Revenge of the Sith

All right, now you hate me... but then again, if I add the illusion of the OT...

A New Hope > Return of the Jedi > The Phantom Menace > Attack of the Clones > The Empire Strikes Back > Revenge of the Sith

Now it's time for me to be burned alive even slower... I guess that's what I get for having an opinion in a forum full of Star Wars fanboys... but I'd like to point out I came with this order after LOTS of thinking, I don't get much more (if any) joy out of watching ANH than I do watching RotS. I mean, it's all Star Wars after all...

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