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Eh, I don't care for myspace. Yet I have one. Mostly for my REAL school friends and for the music. I don't do blogging or anything like that. And I don't care what I put on it or how it looks. Me and my Russian friend went completlely metal for a week as a joke, and put crap up there. He got called an emo. Heh. But I'm seeing myspace more like other things. Like Microsoft, I hear a bunch of crap about how people hate Microsoft and still lots of people use their products. And for the anti myspace people, I agree with you a bit. I think its overrated, and I am tired of hearing about it. I was in a line at this fair earlier, and my friend told me "Figures you hear people talking about myspace while waiting in a line."

It was the people behind us. I actually didn't even hear them. They must have been those pre teens you hate McCoy.

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