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=ETF= Clan Recruiting

hey guys, i have just started a multi-gaming clan called =Elite Tatical Force= or =ETF= and i am looking for members. if you are interested please cleck out and register on the site. Please visit our site at due to problems with the application please e-mail me the answers. If you are accepted into the clan i will give you a join password and you can click "Clan Roster" and then click "enter join password" and enter you password then you will be an afficial member of =ETF=
you can also contact me on XFire if you have any questions:

XFire name: blackhawk4242 ( nickname ) =VA=r BlackHawk4242 ( i am also in a battlefield 2 clan )

* we also play, battlefield 2, call od duty 2, americas army, age of empires 3, battlefront 1, and battlefront 2. *

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