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"You..." Oleander stuttered with a contorted face, a finger pointing to Pyro "DAMMIT! You are Pyromania? My AIM buddy? Shiznabbit, I should never vaguely reveal secret plans to total strangers on the intarwebz!" Pyro stared back blankly.
Mayhem (having been booted out of Tammy's mind) got up, disgusted to see how Lili or Raz had neglected to protect her body stuck in it's astral trance while her psyche struggled to stay inside Tammy's mind those few seconds. She was all covered in rubble and wine(?) stains, her jeans on fire. It would take FOREVER to get those stains out! Seeing as she had collapsed in front of (the rather woozy looking) Tammy, she 'eep!ed' and crawled away. "Not so fast!' snarled Tammy, a shiny magical-looking but probably fake staff thingy from the 99cents store cocked at her head. Mayhem pouted and crossed her arms, "Well then, it seems as if you're not even the Anti-Tim."
Tammy was taken back, "Wha?? Of course I am!"
"But...Oleander, um, I mean, Timothy..." Mayhem gasped, slowly inching away.
Tammy smirked, "You think there are only 2 universes? only 1 Tim Shafer and 1 Anti-Tim? Or course not, there are hundreds of thousands of universes/dimensions, half with a 'Tim Shafer' of their own, the other half 'Anti-Tim'. Me and him conspired, knowing it would only take two to ignite a chain revolution. As soon as we rid of this Tim, the one that had brought Timothy into his dreaded existance, all the other universes will begin to war themselves without knowing we were behind it! And soon, there will be no more creative games left, so us retarted game designers can keep rehashing tired concepts and get rich off it!"
Mayhem rushed back to her crew, panting and reaching for her bow. The others did the same with their own weapons. "I see..." Timothy/Oly said, "We have had just enough of you two, always getting in our way. This will end right here, right now."
Hey, this is gonna end at some point. It better end right, full of shiny explosions, accurate particle effects, rag-doll physics and more dancing cows.
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