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Chapter 7

The sunset gleamed, sending shards of golden light over Coruscant's placid surface. The day was almost at an end. And soon would come the darkness. In more than just one way.

As the sun's last rays played across the Jedi council room, Kavar made his report. Tired from the day, he struggled to remain upright as he described what he had found. "As you have seen, the Sith are on Coruscant. How many, I do not know. However, I do not believe that the Sith we defeated today were the last of them. Where the others are remains to be seen."

Master Jorula looked up, with a troubled expression on his face. "How did we not sence this? The Sith on Coruscant? We should have sensed it immediately. But I feel that nothing is out there. Perhaps you are mistaken, Kavar. Perhaps the Sith we encountered was all that there was."

Zez-Kai Ell thought for a moment before questioning "But what about all of the Republic warships? They should have been off fighting with the Mandalorians. But instead they came back and abandoned ship. There was a lot more than only 200 men on those ships. In fact, the Sith we found were probably the crew of only one of them. Nothing here adds up. They must be here, but yet we cannot sense them"

A Jedi knight seated to Zez Kai-Ell's right, a young woman named Atris spoke up. "I do not know about this new threat of Kavar's. If they were here we would have felt it allready. What sort of power could mask an entire army hiding on Coruscant? Maybe we should simply wait and see."

"We must always keep an open mind." Kavar said, walking to the center of the room, "But you are right, Atris. We should wait for this new enemy to reveal itself. I only hope it will not be to late."

Jorula looked around the room at the faces of the other Jedi. "It is settled then. For now, we will wait. Soon this enemy will reveal itself. And when it does, we will be ready. Ready for whatever awaits us."

But even as Jorula finished his sentance, the Jedi found what they were waiting for. In the worst possible way. The door flew open and a Republic messanger ran in, panting and out of breath. An expression of shockplayed across his face as he delivered his message. "Jedi, you must come quickly! The supreme chanceller has been assassinated!"

The Jedi stared at the officer in shock for a moment. And as they filed out of the room, the sun gave its final flicker and dissapeared comletely behind the tall towers in the distance. The darkness over Coruscant had begun.

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