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"Where the heck are we?" A 'Tim Shafer' questioned, before pointing to a Gamestop, "Quick, we must throw out all the crappy, unimaginative games!" Several of them rushed to that. "Buy plenty of copies of PSYCHONAUTS!" Mayhem screeched, "And half of you stay behind!" Half the 'Tims' returned, slightly dissapointed. Then one of them said, "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah our creativity...blah blah blah... into hugeass gun...blah blah blah blah kill those two."

"You hop to that then" grunted Pyramid, though of course it came out as imcomprehensible grunts noone could decipher but still understood. "We'll need a little time," The Tim said. "We can weaken slash stall Morry and Tammy while you work on it," Mayhem replied, "Good idea, bty, Tim."

"The name is Tom. Tom Fasher."

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