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It's sad how some of the best fanfics get deleted. I really liked Blue Blaze and this Raz/Lili vamp fic that is gone at this point. I suppose the authors realize that they wont get around to updating the story anymore and delete it. I think it's better if they simply let it die quietly so newbies get the chance to read it later. Or have a fan complete the story for them, that is the best that can become of an abandoned fic. Lovova did that for one of her stories and things worked out fine until she got back and could complete it herself.

If it's any consolation, Pnauts seems to have a more dedicated fanbase then alot of the best-selling games. Splinter Cell is a big seller and has only 30 something fics, God Of War has less than that, and Prince of Persia, which has more fanficcery possibilities than aforementioned has less than a 100.

But still...and when favorite authors go as well, it's kinda brings you down a bit too. I've been reading Pnauts fanfics on FF since there were only 3 pages worth of fanfiction (most 1shots), and longtime readers see how the community changes in terms of popular subjects, the number of fics added and the authors. 2 I can mention are Fluffle and Magewriter. FluffleNeCharka is infamous for her slash here, but she was more known for the sheer amounf of fanfics she's written on FF. Most were 1shots and/or drabbles, and I admit that I'm not too compelled to read most 1shots unless they're humor since the subject matter is rather limited to romances and I dont even really like to put fluff in my own stories, but she has also written some very good action/adventureish type things. She was once real active and well-recieved but she's mostly gone now.

Magewriter was another. Her writing style is very passive and pacifist, but her writing is still good. She dropped a Psychonauts version of Pride and prejudice sadly enough, I doubt she'll continue. Seeing as she's an FF bud I actually keep in contact with, I've beta'd a few of her newer fics, and she's of now really into Radiata Stories (I'm not too sure of the name). She's gotten alot better in her writing, so I'd like to see more Pnauts fics from her, but I doubt she will.

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