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Automaticly enabling cheats via Autoexec in JO

Aloha, my nephew has discovered the fun of the jedi knight games i love so much, the only trouble is he is slightly autistic and cannot read/type well. He only plays the game for fun, so he likes having cheats, not specificly god mode, but having the F-keysd assigned to spawn jedi/sith.

The trouble is he cannot work the drop down console, i fixed this in jedi academy by using an autoexec file, but for jedi outcast i cant seem to get this file to work or make the cheats on by defauly any other way.

I've tried making a shortcut and having ""+helpusobi 1" on the target path, didnt work.
I've tried having an autoexec file with "seta helpUsObi "1"" in it, didnt work.
I even tried editing the jk2config file to have "seta helpUsObi "1"" and making it red only so the game cant change it, but that didnt work either!

Is there any help you guys can give me? My nephew really wants to play it but he just isnt able

Thanks, tony.
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