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I could help out with you there, Mayhem. I've read 'A summer of psychics' several times, and know it pretty well.

Also, I never noticed that the Raz and Lili vampire fanfiction disappeared. Weird... That was really good.

Also, for anyone here who reads Truman's Rescue, I would like to say that I haven't abandoned it, I've just... OK, to tell you the truth, I have a bit of writer's block. Here's what I have so far in the new chapter. PM me if you could help out. I know what direction I want it to go in, I just need a push.


Sasha pressed his fingers to the back of Maximilian’s neck. Maximilian laughed gently, although the noise still managed to sound like a threesome of donkeys.
“I don’t need to explain what I’ll do if you move,” Sasha chuckled, his normally warm, cheerful voice cold with hatred.
“Haha, I see you haven’t changed,” Maximilian cheered as the man shoved his fingers in harder.
“Tell me how you did it,” Sasha hissed.
“Oh, I think you know that,” Maximilian said, a slight smile coming to his face.
“But what I really need to know is how you found me,”
“Oh, but I would think it obvious Maximilian!” Sasha cheered, a sneer beginning to form on his face.
“You think everything is obvious, Sasha. But only you can ever truly understand these things,” Maximilian toyed, rolling and deliberating each word to make sure it sounded perfect.
“That’s because everything that’s happened… Is simply, deliciously, delightfully simple,” Sasha giggled. Maximilian smiled at him.
“That, my dear friend, is exactly what I thought you would say,” Maximilian muttered, a sneer on his face.
“Why do you say that?” Sasha asked, a smirk on his face. Maximilian laughed.
“Why, Sasha my friend! I thought everything was simple? What a change of heart you’ve had. But now, I’m afraid, it is time for you to lose something… Very dear,” Maximilian cackled.
“No,” Sasha muttered.
“Yes,” Maximilian hissed.
“It’s all up to a simple game… Of mind power,” Maximilian chuckled, summoning a psycho portal out of seemingly nowhere.
“Prepare for the fight of your life, Sasha Nein,”
“I’m ready,”


Milla tore up the hall with her long stilettos, traveling at speeds high enough that she could outrun a cheetah. Probably not, but nevertheless, she was going very fast.
“Wait for us!” Raz cried. But Milla was determined. She would not let them get away… She would not let Sasha get away…
“Wait!” The others called after her, but she paid no attention. All that mattered was him. Because he… Was the only partner she wanted.



Anyway, that update and more coming soon! I haven't abandoned anything... Also, next chapter of 'Always and forever' all done. Check out the site for it!


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