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Increase cost of TIE Figher squadrons to 400 or 450 in meelee mode

This will prevent TIE Fighter rushes which allow Imperial side to capture all the resources early when the opposition is weak

Perceived Imbalance

An Imperial player can easily outnumber Rebel player with TIE Fighter squadrons if he starts throwing them at critical locations. With 4250 credits left after building a mine, Imperials can build up to 14 squadrons while Rebel player can only build 8 squadrons at best, so the Rebel fighters are defeated at some point and the player is left with little to no resources to continue.

Originally Posted by SaintVezner
Increase the hit points on all fighters so that they will last longer against tartans and corvettes.

Reasoning (What will this fix?):
Right now fighters just plain get killed too easily and you typically end up with nothing more than capital ships slugging it out after only a few seconds during any given space battle.
I second the opinion that fighters get killed too easily by corvettes and escort carriers (that's why I try to avoid having them in my large fleets). I'd like them to inflict bigger blaster damage right from the start to compensate for this.

But making energy shields impenetrable by impact weapons is a wrong compensation IMHO. In real life, tokamaks can hold dangerous high temperature plasma with enormous magnetic field, but the same field still won't protect it form a single explosive charge.
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