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Unhappy MI4 crashes on Jambalaya Island :(


I'm running Monkey Island 4 on Windows XP and I'm currently on Jambalaya Island. I didn't have any problems at all up to this point. Now everytime I try to enter the place on the left site of the Jambalaya Map (the rock between Stan's and the city), the game just crashes (Monke4.exe has an error....). I tryed it maybe 20 times now but with no sucess
Things I also tried:

- Reinstall MI4
- Update Graphic & other Drivers
- Patch to 1.1
- Use OpenGL instead of Direct3D
- Defrag / Scandisc my HDDs
- saying some Vodoo-phrases

Anybody here knows what to do?

(My System: Amd 64 3200+, Geforce 5700 FX, 512 Ram)
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