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I always pick orange sabers in games.. (i'm playing KoToR 2 at the moment and do indeed have an orange saber). And its all down to Yun.

I gotta say that every one of the Jedi was great.. which was a damn good achievement on the part of the writers and the designers. All fought differently. All had different, but cool little levels to fight on, and all had different but interesting characters.

I can't think of a single one i didn't like. Yun was a cool character.. and the first, basic fight with him was very memorable. Gorc & Pic were great ideas.. didn't work quite as well as it could but fun anyway. Boc was a great character. Saris had great cutscenes and a cool map. Maw was very evil and had a cool map. Even jerec rocked.

I so wish they'd do a game following on from the dark side ending... sigh.

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