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Originally Posted by Master Kavar
I seem to be having a problem with the installer, as far as I know the problem is with my computer because I haven't seen it affect anyone else. But it only happens with newly (re-)released mods, like RedHawke's Ord Mandell, or the recruit Dustil mod, as you can see:

When this problem occurs, the screen has no scroll bars, and the Install button is gone. I checked but all older mods that use the installer still work fine.
This problem has been reported by a handful of other people before, but since I can't recreate the problem on my computer it's very difficult to figure out what is causing it, and I can't test to see if changes I've made have done anything to get rid of the problem. It looks like this on my computer.

It's some odd glitch with the user interface that for some unknown reason causes the panel with the buttons and text area to resize and become larger than the window they are contained in. The buttons and scrollbars are still there, but they have ended up outside the window area and thus can't be seen. Thus you can "click" the install button by using its hotkey instead as a workaround. (ALT-S if I remember correctly).

However, since you can make this problem happen I'd appreciate if you'd be willing to take some time to test a potential fix version and see if it resolves the problem. It won't retroactively fix existing mods unless you replace the installer EXE coming with those mods with the latest version (which can be done without any problem since no configuration is stored in the EXE directly). So if you could download the test version, put it in the install folder of a mod with this problem, run it instead of the normal installer and see if the problem remains...

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