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weird I mention something (or the fact that I'm posting again ) but if you go to and check the trial games section you can dl the SWG trial correctly, this is one of the very few things AOL did right, a lot of mirror sites don't work, so if you use that you can play the trial, even though you can't go past lvl 10 or get out of the beginners ship.

and just in the very last of the cases, if you guys really want to try making the aresen guild, I think I can use my veteran's trial ticket to reactivate one of my accounts for 2 weeks and join the guild so it won't be disbanded, can't add naja since I reactivated that account for the trial like 2 months ago, so I'd use a CL6 nub for the guild , not that I'd play, I'm stuck Playing WoW still

*bites Aresen*

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