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More pointless violence! Lots of guns, light-sabers, Anti-Tims getting sucked into tangent universes ... Mayhem laughed, her arms akimbo, "No one will ever terrorize Tim Shafer again!"

"OH NOES!" Oleander and Tammy cried, their features fading, their bodies being sucked into a warp-hole behind them. Mayhem continued laughing, hi5ing the others. Her laughter echoed and gradually faded away as black overcame her. Mayhem's eyes fluttered open, and she stretched her arms out, "Wha?? Wait, I' my room?" Mayhem got up from her seat and looked around, she had apperantly fallen asleep in front of the computer. "What a weird dream, I coulda sworn it was real. I might as well go vampire hunting for college credits seeing it's so late, 1 AM actually" She said at last, grabbing her bow and quivers. Hoisting herself over her bedroom window, she let out a content sigh and dropped down to the wet earth below.

At DF studios...

"They did it, I can't beleive, it, THEY KILLED THE ANTI-TIM!" Manny shuddered, collapsing against his chair and staring blankly at his PC. "Never underestimate the fans," Tim replied, "The Anti-Tim moniter has stopped altogether and I haven't seen the Weinermobile in hours when we usually sight him every 10 minutes. They wont recall what happened, but I wish those weird kids the best of luck." Tim smirked and left Manny's side, "We should keep working on our topsecret game, doncha think? Lets just hope we have such loyal fans next round..."

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