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PL0T BUNNY! After reading some hilarious parodies retelling other games...why dont we (anyone interested that is) retell the tale of Raz's adventure at Whispering Rock! It would be awesome.

Preview of story that shall never exist:

1. "The Human mind...icky, mushy, pink and grey, a six pound pile of dreams, nightmares, self-pity, woe, memory, random thoughts, and limited imagination," barked a short man with baton in hand.

2. Raz frowned and knelt next to his squat, blue, new-found friend, "They may come for me Dogan. But they'll be looking for Raz, the rebellious, spunky and rather dimwitted boy that liked to let the animals loose during performances. But what they wont know, what they wont expect, is Raz, the rebellious, spunky, slightly less dimwitted boy that likes to let the animals out of their cages during performances with a government warrant."

"Then, then you'll make their heads explode?" Dogan asked innocently.

"No, it wasn't in mind at first but it's a good idea...Do you do that?"

"No, no...well once maybe. My teacher was acting like a total beeyotch. I sure taught her."

3. "So, is this the part where I get a big lecture that I will ignore so I end up repeating my mistakes time and time again?" Raz asked.

"No, though that last part will still hold true nonetheless," Sasha groaned, "let us never speak of this again, besides, I'll be late for my soap. GET OUT OF MY MIND ALREADY! Geez..."
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