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Hey Stoffe, since I don't know how you have actually programmed the workspace area that is displayed I'm not 100% positive on a solution. However it appears you are using win 2000, and at least the most recent posted user problem is posted by a user with win XP. I know XP has had some minor GUI interface changes from 2000 that involve the autodetection that really get fouled up if you are programming from 2000 or earlier for XP. What I might recomend as a fix is to set a fixed viewing area that can be handled by a 800x600 windowed area. Within that viewing area for the text set it to auto wordwrap instead of being side scrollable. This will force the system to accept certain GUI aspects rather than allowing autodetects to set the area. Also while being only a 1% chance there might be issues between European versions of windows and US versions enough so that it is causing the conflict. I do highly doubt this last tidbit however it is squishysoft. Also since I'm unsure what language or compiler TSLPatcher is built on but it could just be that you have not updated the OS Platform SDK or the libraries to support Win XP.

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