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Originally Posted by Darkkender
since I don't know how you have actually programmed the workspace area that is displayed I'm not 100% positive on a solution. However it appears you are using win 2000, and at least the most recent posted user problem is posted by a user with win XP.
I'm using Windows XP Home Edition on my current machine, and running Windows XP Professional on my old machine (I just don't like the gaudy Win XP GUI style so I run classic style anyway ). I've tested TSLPatcher on both and the GUI glitch appears on neither with any of the versions it's been reported for. The peculiar thing with it is that only a handful (6 people so far) have reported experiencing this glitch, and I haven't been able to make any connection between the cases as to why it occurs.

I'm using Delphi 7 to make TSLPatcher, and I suspect it's some peculiar bug in the VCL GUI libraries that is causing this glitch. It certainly wouldn't be the first oddity in the VCL forms classes. The way things are set up this shouldn't be able to happen. The buttons and RichEdit controls are placed on a panel, which in turn is set to automatically scale with the client area (active window space). In most cases it does, but in these handful of cases the panel becomes much larger than the window area for some unknown reason.

Anyway, in the attempted fix I posted yesterday I manually resize the panel to match the window area whenever the main window is opened or resized, hopefully that will do the trick. An ugly workaround that shouldn't be necessary, but I've exhausted all other options I could think of previously and apparently the problem didn't go away since Master Kavar had it with a fairly recent version.

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