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Thanks for this fantastic guide, I think he'll be very useful for me ^^ .

Just a little question : When we are playing a LS Female Character, there is a opportunity to lose INF with Kreia which disappears : the one when Handamaiden comes on the EH and we have to ask to Kreia why she doesn't like her.

So, is a 10-Influence sufficient to ask her about Revan, or have we to go down to 02 ? I hope I won't have to...

Thanks again for this guide, I haven't any problem to understand what I have to do (even the translators tried to ).

EDIT : Yes, there is a solution ^^ Speaking about Visas with Kreia and INF decrease like with the Handmaiden.

There is something to correct : To get the Bastila/Carth holo with T3, you need 14 (or 15 or 16 I don't remember ) for Intelligence and 15 (not 10) for Computer Use.
Otherwise you make the little droid suffer a lot :'( ...

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