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[FIC]Heart of Deception

The continuing adventures of Kirabaros in:

Star Wars: Heart of Deception

It has been two years since the Blood King had been defeated by Kirabaros. Avalon and her sister planets have joined the Republic. Peace was just but a breath away but with a price.
During the time that Avalon joined and made her presence known, several dissident groups have united together to demand the turnover of the former Sith Lord Revan. Obeying ancient laws, the Avalonians refused and retaliation had begun with high-ranking personnel within the fleet directing behind the scenes.
Due to increased pressure from the Outer Rim worlds, the Chancellor called for a special session of Congress to decide the course of action to take. With the impending session, Senator Selene Amstar returns from Avalon in the company of two Jedi Knights to resolve the problem…

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