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Variables in ICARUS

I have a problem with a simple script (I am just starting scripting), and for some reason I can't get a script to use variables correctly, my spawnscript has

set ( "OPEN","NO")

OPEN is the state of a door, open or closed, and No means its closed
My trigger_multiple targets a target_scriptrunner, which uses the script, this part works so far, its the script that doesn't work cause it tells me it is comparing unlike types or something similar when developer is 1

My problem is with the script for the button

if ( $OPEN$,$=$,$"YES"$)
set ("OPEN","NO")
affect ("door",<AFFECT_TYPE>INSERT)
rotate ( <0 0 0 >, 1000)

if ( $OPEN$,$=$,$"NO"$ )
set ( "OPEN","YES" )
affect ( "door", <AFFECT_TYPE>INSERT)
rotate (<0 90 0>, 1000)

I also don't know how the Rotate function works, does it rotate by the given amount or rotate to the given position?
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