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Originally Posted by Scar Da Kookee
What realm?


let me see....

Hellscream, Maelstrom, Bloodhoof, Greymane, Argent Dawn, Alexstraza, Dethecus, Scarlet Crusade and used to play on Sargeras, Elune and Twisting Nether but I deleted my toons there.

and yes, I DO play in all those servers

and I still have a few characters left to create toons on a couple servers more, so depending on how easy can someone convince me I can make toons in other servers , been playing since Beta and I'm the biggest slacker in the guild hehe.

heard the trial versions from download sites for SW:G suck big time lately, good I still have my cds from my original account, I just had to download 10000000000000000000000000000000 patches when I reactivated just for fun.

about WoW, I have like a million trials aswell, I still get all those mails of "recruit a friend" that are still active and my trial version from my Collector's Edition and one last CD I got when I bought another starcraft battlechest when I was Cali with my BF, I couldn't get any of my other copies to work and I wanted to play with my geeky BF some old games, so we got it when we were heading to the airport when it was time to come back, so yeah, I think I have a few trials to give just like those AOL CDs =p

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