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Chapter 23: Forgiveness to the Future
“Dragus is dead my master and the Belosians have defeated us.”

“Yes I know. I foresaw that she would. She truly is powerful as you described Tyrannus.”

“What of the Rendilian fleet, Master? After this the Commander and his fleet will return to the Republic.”

“A necessary loss. As long as she heads the largest armies, more will flock to her.”

“She is not the same.”

“Yes…I can feel it from across the galaxy. Dragus had his use after all. It will be all the more easier to bring her to the dark side of the Force.”

“She will resist. Her will is too strong to be broken that way.”

“The first steps have already been taken. The war is exacting its toll and she will fall if not now, then later.”

It was a quiet evening as the sun set slowly over Belos, excluding a warmth that stretched as far as the eye could see. The river near the villa flowed towards it as if to fuel it to continue its never ending cycle of rising and falling, guiding it to the unknown. The unknown, a point in time that not even the young woman standing at the bridge could foresee given her many talents. She stood there, dressed in the traditional wear of a Belosian noblewoman with her waist length hair trailing down her back, just gazing out as if trying to see what the future held. She was so intent on looking at the setting sun that she didn’t see the robed figure until she heard a light whisper in her right ear, “How do you feel?”

Not leaving her gaze she replied, “It explains a lot. I never would have thought of it; Kirabaros being my ancestor.”

“Knowing who you are is a good thing but that’s not what I meant,” he replied.

“It’s part of it though. For a long time I never knew if I could be as loyal to the Jedi as to my people; I have one foot in each world and it is difficult.”

“And now?”

A smile played on her lips. She replied, “At least I have this to run to after the berating from the Council.” She turned to face a pair of blue eyes that looked at her with a cross between a frown and amusement. Relenting a bit she replied, “I know that I have a place in both worlds but to obey one or the other, it’s not who I am.”

“Maybe that’s why the Council wants you to stay here for awhile until your next assignment.”

“Maybe.” It was an uncertain response. Still there was a benefit to it. “At least you get to keep me company though I am afraid we are too old to be playing tricks on people and Jedi Masters to boot.”

The robed figure let out a slight chuckle remembering the scrapes they used to get into as children. He sighed as he thought about everything that had transpired and the possible ‘whys.’ He noticed that she had turned to face the sun again. He couldn’t help but ask, “So are we ok?” In so doing he fastened a Judan blossom in her hair just as he did at the station before the confrontation.

“To an extent. Only the Force will tell.” She replied softly. It was the truth and it hurt to admit it but she was right. Though they had talked, it takes time to cope with the repair. The bright side was that they could walk amongst a setting that put them both at ease. She sensed though that it was not what he wanted to hear so she added, “I think though that our time here has mended things. Belos has that way of doing that. That is why it is called the ‘Land of Forgiveness.’”

He just smiled at her brief stint with history. Growing up with an Avalonian had its perks and she was one of them for she never missed a chance to point out a different view of the galaxy. He could understand better how similar the Avalonians were to the ideals of the Jedi and could see her confusion. He often berated himself for not seeing it before but always told himself that she had forgiven him, at least he thought so. She never said it fully but her manner towards him indicated that she had. Thinking of these things he said, “So you forgive me then?”

“Already did.” She was smiling a little shyly but maintained her composure facing the river. She changed the course of the conversation by asking, “So, what’s the betting on how long we are stuck here though I think the Hawk is up for a good run.”

Shaking his head slightly, he responded, “I’m not going there with that one. Besides you gave your solemn oath that you would stay put. Isn’t it part of an Avalonian’s honor to keep their word?”

She scowled slightly when she turned to face him again. She replied imitating Zhor’s voice, “I see you’ve learned how to invoke the honor system of the Avalonians. We’ll make you into a warrior yet.” She then smiled to let him know she was teasing him.

He looked at her bemused. She looked happy there among her people. He briefly wondered if it was wrong that she had been forced to live on Coruscant all her life. He pushed that aside when he caught her frowning at him slightly, as if trying to read his thoughts. He then said, “Keep staring like that and someone will push you in.” He motioned to the river.

She smirked and said, “Don’t try it, flyboy.”


“You forgot already? I called you that because you don’t like flying,’ and she smiled a sweet innocent smile. It was taunting him with her hidden meaning, You try that and I’ll do something worse. It was something she did when the younglings tried to play a joke on her.

Knowing what she was saying he let it drop and instead diverted his gaze to the stars that were now starting to show. He said, “So you forgive me but what does the future tell?”

She gazed at the forming stars and used a familiar phrase, “Always in motion. What was there yesterday has changed today and will change again tomorrow.”

Making a bold move, he trapped her against the railing with both his arms on either side. He was still looking up at the stars as if trying to see harder. He looked with a puzzled frown and said, “I can see the war ending but not the actual outcome.”

She had been surprised by his sudden move and had tensed a bit. She then allowed herself to relax. She gazed up and saw what he saw but she saw the actual outcome. It saddened her and she knew that she would have to act quickly once she returned to Coruscant. She didn’t say anything about that but said, “I see it too but as to what happens, only our actions will bring us there.” She then lowered her head to follow the river as it fueled the future and placed her hands on the rail of the bridge. She then felt a gentle touch on her hands; a slight caress that stopped and the hand remained on top of hers.

He left his hands on top of hers and just followed her gaze. He said softly, “Then I guess we let the Force work as it wills.” He was surprised when her response was that she leaned slightly back into him. She said nothing but continued to watch. He thought for a moment. Time would do them both a great service and they had that until they were sent for and he wanted to gain her trust again. He just stood there with her watching the river flow towards an unknown destination but off into the future. He vaguely remembered her once saying that only the journey one takes is written, not the destination. The destination was the future though what it would bring would depend on if the wounds had been healed enough. That was the real destination.

The End

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