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Chapter 1
The cruiser ship approached Coruscant with a peaceful grace that was the envy of the official diplomatic vessels used by the other Senators. It was sleek an unusual in design in that it was designed for speed but a tough ship, one of the characteristics of Avalonian vessels. After the threat to the Republic with the ancient evils, Avalon had been welcomed as a member of the Republic and granted a seat within the Senate. In the two years that followed from that day, it had been marked by uprisings, demands and murder attempts. Today was the day that the final position would be made.

Accompanying the cruiser were three fighters, again built for speed and agility. The three fighters were identical to the one that had been flown by the warrior Kirabaros, who was also a Jedi Knight. The tales of his exploits had reached the Core Worlds and they were curious about the Jedi who suppressed the last of the Sith threat and the Senate demanded to meet him. While a reasonable request, there were also underlying motives behind it. The rumors to be had were that he knew where the Jedi Revan was, the Prodigal Knight, the Former Dark Lord of the Sith and Savior of the Republic. It was hoped by the groups that held resentment that he would reveal her location.

That was one of the many thoughts racing on everyone’s mind on board the cruiser. The lieutenant of the ship approached the main hold. He spoke in Avalonian, “Senator, we have been cleared for our final approach to Coruscant.”

The woman replied, “Very well Lieutenant.”

The cruiser and the three fighters approached the landing platform amidst the fog that seemed to settle upon the planet’s skies. The three fighters landed a distance away and the pilots disembarked. The head of the group took his helmet off to reveal a youthful face with dark, blonde tinged hair and a pair of golden eyes with a hint of green. A small astromech came to his side just as the other two approached him, not removing their helmets. He glanced in the direction of the cruiser as the ramp was being lowered. He said softly, “I guess I was wrong. There was no danger here.”

He spoke to soon for an explosion sounded near the rear of the ship that sent the people coming down flying forward. Out of nowhere appeared seven assassins wearing stealth field generators and brandishing blasters and vibroblades. They came towards the cruiser with the intent to murder the senator. In a quick reaction, the leader drew forth a bronze bladed lightsaber and ran forward charging at the group. He was followed by another Jedi wielding a cerulean bladed lightsaber.

The soldiers that had been on board and survived ducked behind what they could and fired their blasters at their attackers. The ‘senator’ ducked behind the ramp with them and began to fire a weapon as well. The blaster fire was a heated volley exchange cut short by the two Jedi cutting a swatch with the assassins wielding the blades. The smoke continued to rise as the blaster bolts were deflected off the lightsabers and sent elsewhere. It was a relatively short fight but had some casualties to it.

When the last of the assassins were dispatched, one was left alive for interrogation, the Jedi with the golden eyes headed in quick strides to where the third pilot and the rest of the contingent was huddled. He took a deep breath and had frowned slightly. He asked, “You all right milady?”

The third pilot who had been standing with him when the explosion occurred stood to look at him. She removed her helmet and gazed at him. She responded, “I’m fine. Kirabaros, what was that about?”

Kirabaros gazed at her somberly and said, “I have an idea but we shouldn’t speak of it here. We need to get you out here milady.” With a deft movement, he brought his comm to his mouth and called for a transport and medical services. He kneeled and asked, “How bad?”

The lieutenant who had grabbed the decoy replied, “Whoever was on the ship is dead and here we got three wounded including Cora.” He motioned to the woman who had been pretending to be the Senator who was holding her arm where she had been hit by a blaster or a piece of shrapnel.

Kirabaros looked at the injuries and assessed the severity of them. He wasn’t going to use Force Heal since the injuries could be healed with a bit of kolto and a doctor’s look. He turned to his Jedi companion and said, “Caelos, grab the med kits.” Then looking at the astromech, “T3, you catch the whole thing?”

The response brought a slight smile to his face. “Good. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this.” He stood up and gazed across the landing platform at the speeders breezing by. The fog had begun to lift to show more of Coruscant and revealed the transport and medical authorities approaching. He maintained an alert posture as they came and saw to the injured. He wouldn’t let them come near Caelos or the real senator who stood behind him.

When everyone was moved to their respective transports, he motioned for the other two to follow. He had been against coming to Coruscant in the first place but with the increase in demands and threats, he had little choice. He knew that there was a bigger game being played here and it wasn’t open hostility towards Avalonians. He said nothing of his musings as they got on the transport to head to the apartment that the senator would be staying in. His right hand never left his side where his lightsaber was and his left rested on the hilt of his katana. He kept his gaze towards his surroundings, alert like a kirath hound ready to strike.

Off in the distance atop of one of the many skyscrapers two men stood watching the transports pull away. One had the uniform of a Republic soldier and the other wore the garb of a nobleman, an Avalonian nobleman. The officer spoke to his companion, “So that is the great Kirabaros?”

“Yes. A puny thing but worth his salt if you give him a chance.”

“Looks like they used a decoy. You see how he protected the two that stood behind him?”

“Of course they would. Kirabaros is no fool when it comes to security. Like every fool, however, he has his weaknesses.”

“Really?” The Republic officer glanced at the scene then at his partner. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you have no qualms about our plan.”

“None. Besides you get what you want in the end, a dead Jedi and I get what I want, a ruined man.” The Avalonian chuckled slightly and with a smirk.

“And what of the Jedi? They will be investigating this incident.”

“Then we will just have to take care of anyone who gets in our way.” The Avalonian gave a knowing smile to the Republic officer. He then said, “You know, Admiral Keegan you sure know how to pick what’s good for you.”

“I could say the same for you,” the Admiral replied. “I suggest we go and prepare for the next round. I have the feeling that your Kirabaros will be stubborn as a mynock attached to power cables.”


The two headed into the skyscraper discussing their plans. Each had a different agenda and it could bring about the ruin of the Jedi if it went according to plan.

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