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Chapter 2
The office had a certain amount of stuffiness about it that was almost suffocating. Mostly it was due to the uneasy tensions among the people that were gathered there. The Chancellor was sitting at his desk staring at the row of faces that were emotionless before him. He tried not to squirm under their gaze and succeeded for the most part when he started speaking, “With all the threats and demands and now this rumor that the Jedi are hiding criminals, I don’t know how long I can hold off the dissidents.”

“I understand that,” a brown haired woman replied, “but you must understand the Jedi have no say in how the Avalonians govern their cities. We are keepers of the peace, not rulers.”

“And what of the Jedi on Avalon? From what I hear they have more say at the Governor’s house than his own council,” the Chancellor retorted. The last thing he wanted was to start an estrangement with the Jedi after all that they had done for the Republic.

“Please. If anything the Avalonians are honest in their dealings,” a dark haired man replied. He wore a smirk that betrayed his former profession as a scoundrel much to the dismay of the brown haired woman who merely glanced at him.

They were saved from unpleasant comments when the assistant to the chancellor announced that someone had arrived. The Chancellor nodded and stood to welcome the visitor. The Jedi that were seated stood and turned as the Chancellor walked to the door. In walked in another Jedi accompanied by a Republic Admiral. The Chancellor greeted the Jedi, “So you must be the great Kirabaros. I can’t say how much a pleasure it is to meet you. I see you have met Admiral Keegan.”

“You are gracious Chancellor,” Kirabaros responded. It was a firm voice he spoke in. “However I think now is not the time for pleasantries. This morning…”

“Yes I know. That tragedy on the landing platform was terrible. Thank goodness the senator is alive and well as is you.”

Kirabaros looked at the Chancellor with an indifferent look and scanned the room at the Jedi that were already there. He then said, “I think this is something big. Someone is out to destroy the Jedi once and for all.”

The looks and the emotions sent his way were venomous. Kirabaros held his gaze and waited for the chancellor to speak. After a pause the chancellor spoke, “That is a bold statement Master Jedi. Still perhaps I suggest that you keep an eye on the proceedings to see if foul play has been made.”

Kirabaros betrayed no emotion, especially his surprise. He reached out to the brown haired woman through the Force. Finding his answer, he gave a polite smile and responded, “That might work. After all the Senate wants to speak to me.” Something wasn’t right and the tensions about the room screamed the alarm at him. He only hoped that they could find the heart of this problem. There was more at stake than petty politics and it was back home. He nodded politely and left with the Jedi to head to the temple before the Senate met.

Admiral Keegan had been watching Kirabaros when he strode in. He was impressed with the physique and the strength that emanated from him. He watched as he scanned the room when speaking to the chancellor. The poor chancellor has no idea how much control he has lost, the Admiral thought ruefully. Patience was not his strong point but he knew he needed it if he was going to capture the one responsible for destroying his homeworld during the Jedi Civil War.

The Senate felt like a court of inquiry when Kirabaros accompanied Senator Amstar to her station. Besides him, his friend, the Bushida warrior Rowan Aldstar accompanied the senator as well. This gathering had been planned for months ever since the foiled assassination attempt on the life of the senator from Ryloth, one that Kirabaros prevented at great personal risk to himself.

To the hundreds of senators that were watching the young Jedi seating himself behind the senator, they were curious about him. Though he was tall, he was quite short by the Avalonian standards yet had the lithe and grace of dancer. It was deceptive for it hid his body strength well. The guard beside him was a stark and seemingly cruel contrast as he was much larger and more muscular. The young Jedi looked like no other Jedi they have seen before for he had no intention of giving off the aura a sage but instead gave that of a regal nobleman.

Kirabaros was not privy to the thoughts of the senators as he sat and waited for congress to be called to order. Though he could delve into their minds, he chose not to for he lived by the strict rule that the mind was a personal thing. Invasion of it only undermined trust and fed the seeds of rancor. Instead he reached out and drew in the emotions that were stirring with his eyes closed and his breathing evened and calmed. To him emotions were far easier to read and they were more clear to observe, even more so if they manifested themselves visibly. To anyone observing, it looked as if he were attempting to meditate like any other Jedi, a common misconception to anyone that hadn’t met him before.

Sweeping through the emotions, Kirabaros ignored the usual seeds of greed and corruption. It was something that he had learned to tune out since it was everywhere he went. Instead, he was drawn to an emotion that would have sent a chill through a padawan’s spine. It was one that he remembered and tried hard to forget all to well, the feeling of hate. It was intense, much like when he fought ‘him,’ the kind that ran deep. It was as if it were bred from the deepest reaches of space and it had leeched its poison through time. It was disturbing and made Kirabaros want to squirm but he held the impulse in check.

High above him Admiral Keegan was watching him through a pair of murderous eyes, the hate seething through. As far as he was concerned, the Jedi was the key to the murderer and because he was one of ‘them,’ that made it difficult for him to get her and that made him an enemy in his eyes. He had been warned by his associate to control his emotions because Kirabaros was known for weeding them out among other things but he wanted to let him know that someone had a motive. The benefit was that the room was full of senators and it would make it difficult for the Jedi to single anyone out.

Looking down, he watched as Kirabaros struggled to maintain his stoic appearance. He smiled at the pleasure of it. The plan that he had was treasonous to the Republic but he was willing to stop at nothing to extract revenge. Little did he know that the Jedi below understood that feeling all too well having been pursued by a person possessed by one of the most ancient of evils. He was just content watching the Jedi squirm even though it wasn’t visible.

Kirabaros, after answering Rowan’s question for the tenth time, stopped squirming as the chancellor called the senate to order. His eyes were focused on the chancellor and his statement but his senses were circling the room. Rowan was alert, his head facing forward but his eyes darting around. No one had questioned them when they brought their katanas; no one wanted to and it was explained that it was taboo for a warrior to be parted with his blade.

“The chair recognizes the senator from the sovereign system of Avalon.” The chancellor’s voice rang out to all the ears of the senators.

Senator Amstar pressed a button on the console and the unit flew forward towards the center. Standing calm and regal in the traditional dress of a Belosian, her homeworld, she spoke firmly, “Honorable representatives of the Republic: It has been requested time and again by various delegates that it be revealed the location of the Jedi Knight known as Revan.

“As had been responded each time, we cannot reveal such information if it is not known and because our ancient laws would be violated. Our position has been returned by acts of violence directed mainly at our people. Still, in good faith, and as requested for formal thanks by the Senate, we have decided to heed the request that one of our most honored warriors be present. Without further ado, I present Kirabaros, Jedi Knight.”

Kirabaros wanted nothing more than to hide under a seat but he stood slowly and walked to the console so he can be heard. When he approached, the chancellor spoke, “The chair welcomes Jedi Kirabaros from Avalon.”

“Thank you Chancellor,” Kirabaros responded. “I understand that this session was called for me to answer questions. I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.”

“Before we begin,” the senator from Ryloth spoke up, “I would like to thank the Master Jedi for his aide in saving my life.”

Kirabaros just surveyed the scene, not sure if he was supposed to say anything or not but he was rescued by the chancellor’s response and a general murmur of consensus. The chancellor then opened the floor for questions. All the while the surge of hatred that Kirabaros felt before the proceedings was still present. He couldn’t hone in on the source but he felt it almost as if it were behind him. He was just stared forward, trying not to shudder. He was broken out of it by a question. He replied, “Excuse me?”

“Do you know where the Jedi Revan is?” The question came again.

There was a brief silence before Kirabaros answered, “Yes.”

“Will you reveal that location to us?”

“No, I cannot.”

“You are aware that the Jedi Revan is still wanted by various systems for the crimes she committed?”

“Yes.” A general cacophony started but somehow Kirabaros silenced them by raising his hands to indicate he was still speaking. He continued, “I am aware but you must understand why I cannot and will not reveal her location.”

“And what is that?”

“She has sought refuge within our sovereignty and our ancient laws dictate that those who seek refuge are under our protection.”

A murmur started amongst the senators, some whispering at the strangeness of this, the other outright outrage. The one who had been asking the questions nearly shouted, “This is outrage!”

“Order,” the chancellor called before the bureaucrat. He clearly saw that this could get out of control.

Kirabaros was watching the scene. He hated to admit the truth but he knew the laws and stories better than anyone save for the various lore masters. He hoped that he was doing the right thing by doing this. She said it was a good idea and he couldn’t help but think of her reasons why he should be there in the middle of the senate. He thought of her and the others when called after the chancellor called for order. He said, “She is under our protection and anyone who tries to come after her by force will be met with resistance.”

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