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Originally Posted by Pho3nix
Yeah well i'm not surprised. He was a respected elder british actor after all, you can't expect everyone to like SCI-FI.
Yeah I guess so, some may disagree with me, but the lines all throughout Star Wars sounded a little "Shakespearian" to me anyway. I.E. the scene where Anakin and Padme meet up in the beginning of Episode III and then when they meet up again toward to end on Mustafar (let's just run away!). It all sounds just like something you'd hear in high school english to me.
As far as reading the script, I'm sure he did, but I think Lucas gave him such a good deal, he figured it would be easy money and even more if the whole thing took off, which it did obviously since we're all here overanalyzing it 30 years later. According to IMDB he got $150,000 + 2% of all profits. So letís assume that A New Hope garnered around 1 Billion by now, 2% of that is 20 million, that's a heck of a paycheck for an actor, especially one with so few lines and dies off half way through the film.

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