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Originally Posted by Redwing
((OOS: Scar, Deac's characters need 'alone time' at this point. ))

Imperial Base, Datacore

*The portals close shut as fast as they had opened. A new spiderweb of portals opens through the room after it, then closes for another line to open, like seams unraveling and being resewn.*

Nobody: *still in a guard stance* Oh? How did you get here?
((Sorry, Scar, not the same portal. Geez. Do you ever read half the posts here?

On the other hand, feel free to choose where Irvine ended up.))

Imperial Base

Aren: I would follow him through that hole in the air that he went through, before it shuts again. You probably have less than twenty seconds to make up your mind, at the current dimensional instability rate of this area.

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