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Maybe one idea is not to destroy 100% of the convoy. I usually concentrate on destroying the Gunboats that the A-Wings and X-Wings aren't attacking. When the Container transport escapes, give chase and dumbfire all of your torpedoes at the engines of the Frigate and then disable it. Stay close to the disabled Frigate and wait for the Shuttles to launch. While you're waiting, destroy the TIE Fighters. Finally, finish of the Container Transport and, if you're game, take on the TIE Bombers (the A-Wings and some X-Wings should assist you). If you really want to you can disable the Star Destroyer, but doing this will bring in several (4-6) TIE Advanceds (at Ace AI level I think) from hyperspace. With your escorts assisting you, they shouldn't be too much trouble.
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