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Sleep, the true cure. It relieves us of our fear, gives us a chance to go to places we never thought imaginable, and lets us do things, which we thought were impossible. Even this is such a beautiful thing, beautiful things come to an end, but for some, they keep on going on the next day.

Nom’s consciousness woke, but he kept his eyes closed. He wouldn’t be telling his mates about that one, he thought. He dreaded once again, for waking up … for dreaming he had met Revan, and one of Revan’s old friends, which had turned to the Dark Side, and the fight between the two.

Nom sighed “Just a dream,” he said, as he opened his eyes and looked around in the room he was. He was lying in the bunk, in which situated in the Ebon Hawk’s Port Dormitory, as he sat up he rubbed his eyes to make sure he still wasn’t dreaming. And when he decided that he wasn’t, he let out a long and loud cheer.

He got up, found and dressed into his newly acquired light brown Jedi Robes, he shivered so he decided to put on his cloak also and walked to the cockpit. But as he sat down in the pilot’s chair, some words popped back into his head.

“ … And in the Garage in the cupboards, underneath the workbench, some Lightsaber crystals hopefully”

His eyes widened and he went off to the garage, when he got there, he saw the workbench and headed straight to it, opening the cupboards underneath as he got there. And there they were, three different coloured focusing crystals; a blue, green and yellow one lay there. The all looked beautifully inviting, and he did not know which one to choose, so he decided to wait until he got to Coruscant and met Bastilla, maybe she could help him choose. He closed to cupboard doors, but just as he stood up, he felt something, an energy source close by, he did not know how he knew this but, as he turned he was surprised to see that he was right, and there was black and white, bullet-headed Astromech droid there.

“Oh, hullo” Nom said, letting out a long sigh of relief “You scared me nearly to death!”

M8-M7 just stared at him, who was this new human and what did he want?
“Beep Dee wooooo?” Whistled M8-M7
Because of all the years at the facility, working with the all droids that accompanied him, Nom was able to understand the little droid.

“My name is Nom” he replied “I’m a friend of Revan’s, he used to own this ship and –“ but Nom was cut off by a series of beep and whistles, which were issued from M8.

“A man named Jonas did you say?” he asked, receiving a series of affirmative beeps in return. Nom continued, “Well, He is … I mean, he was a friend of Revan’s, but he has turned to the Dark Side, and Revan has taken claim to this ship once again”

“Dwoo Bee Bweep Dee Wooo?”
“No” Nom said, “Jonas does not have to be your master now, its Revan now, I guess”
M8-M7 became ecstatic and started zooming around in circles, whistling loud as he went.

“I take it you did not like Jonas very much then?” asked Nom, laughing

There was a series of beeps and whistles in return and Nom replied “Well, don’t worry about that, Revan is very nice and he won’t be mean to you”

“Beep dwoop bee deewp?”

“We are going to get some help” said Nom, so he started to explain all about the Revan vs. Jonas fight, the history between the two and the current mission in which they had to undertake.
When Nom had finished, he went back to the dorm and M8 proceeded to go about to doing his routine maintenance of the ship as normal. Nom kneeled down on the cold metal flooring and started to try the technique which Revan had showed him in their short period of time together: the Jedi Trance.

Deep breaths he took, emptying his mind of all thoughts and he opened himself up to the Force. It was unlike anything, which Nom had ever felt before. It was … Bliss. He could still sense everything happening around him, the creaks and grinds of the ship, and he could also sense, something beyond metal, and something far in the deep reaches of the galaxy. Hiding, it somewhat seemed, from everything else, hungry, weak. He drew his attention away from that and took notice of the full beauty in what he was feeling. Like the warmth of the sun, as it protrudes on your skin, the first time in seeing and ocean. He felt, for the first time, elevated, not a care in the world, or in this case, the Galaxy. As he dove deeper and deeper in the Force, more and more he could sense, and even the very few objects which were surrounded around him, started to levitate off the ground a few feet.
He was shaken back to reality when he started to hear loud sounds of alarms, he sped to the cockpit only to be told he was reaching his destination: Coruscant. He brought the Ebon Hawk out of hyperspace and was amazed at the sight, which had evolved in front of him.

“Wow” he said, as he gazed upon the city-covered planet, which was Coruscant
* * *

Bastilla Shan sat in the top most spire of the Jedi Temple, the council chambers. Younglings were coming to and fro presenting themselves to her to see if they could start their training, most had no affinity in the Force whatsoever, but there were some who had shown potential.
Three other people sat with her in the chambers; there was: Jorn Kidra, Kyp Night and a Twiliek named Siek Ta’ril.
Bastilla gazed from the newest Youngling, to the three that accompanied her. Both Kyp and Siek nodded in agreement, but Jorn stayed motionless. Bastilla also nodded, and said to the youngling “Welcome to the order,” she motioned to the door “Go and join the others, and tell the next person to come in, please,”
He hurried out, but instead of another child coming through the door, a boy who looked to be at the age of seventeen entered, looking apprehensive.
“Im sorry, but today is for only youngli-“ Bastilla began, but she stopped as she saw the robes what the boy was wearing. Jedi robes.

“Are you Bastilla?” he asked

“Yes” she said, “How can I help?”

“Finally” he said, “I’ve been looking for you nearly all day, I have some news. It’s about Revan”

“Revan?” she said, standing up “Very well, follow me”

She walked out to the hallway and down the hall to a room on the left. She entered and was soon followed by the boy

“What is your name?” she asked

“My name is Nom” the boy replied, “I live on a planet far from here, in the place what you call the Unknown Regions. I met Revan and he said to me that I needed to find you, and everyone else. He needs help, and he will no doubtly explain everything when we get back, I don’t know the full story either, but what I do know is that we have to go immediately.

“You are a Jedi?” she asked
“No” Nom replied, and as Bastilla raised an eyebrow, he hurriedly said:

“Kinda, Revan said that I have a great power inside me, and with his and your help, I would soon learn to control it,”

Bastilla looked at Nom, and now that she come to think of it, he did have a considerable power stored within him. And as she continued to gaze at Nom, she soon learned that he was in fact telling the truth, so she said.

“Very well, I have to go and inform the other Masters where and what I will be doing. Where is the ship you came in on?” She said

“I’ve got the Ebon Hawk, and it’s at the docking station in Docking Bay 4,”

“Good, Good” she replied “Well prep it for launch and ill be there in a moment”

* * *

Nom waited at the foot of the loading ramp, and Bastilla came into sight, carrying a bag, and a small smile.

“Ahh ... it’s been too long,” she said, as her and Nom walked up the loading ramp and inside the Ebon Hawk. “But I must say” she continued as they entered the main chamber “that the Hawk looks a little worse for wear,”

“Yeah, Revan didn’t like the idea of having to clean it again” said Nom, but just as he finished, Bastilla let out a loud scream of laughter, Noms head flicked so fast p to look at her that he felt a creak in his neck “What?” he asked

“Revan? Clean? HA … when has Revan cleaned anything? It was always Me, Zaalbar and Juhani cleaning,” She said “Carth ‘Sometimes’ helped. Mission ran away every time she heard the words, ‘clean’ and ‘Ebon Hawk’ used in the same sentence. Jolee kept on using the ole’ ‘Im too old for manual labour’ But Revan! Ahh ... jeeze ... He always used the same reason over and over again,” she put on a deep manly-type of voice and said “Saving the galaxy is far more important than a couple of scratches and pieces of dirt. I even said, ‘yeah, but you do want to go out in style don’t you? Because style was his ‘thing’ apparently, but nooo that didn’t work either” She stopped and let out a long sigh

Nom laughed, took a note to say something to Revan when they got back, but then he realised that Bastilla would most likely say something first.
Bastilla clapped her hands together and said “So, where to first captain?” looking down at Nom. He didn’t even realise she was talking to him, until he looked at her.

“Uhh – umm ... well, we could go to Telos, and get Carth to take some time of work?” said Nom

“Right then” she said “Well, lets go”

Ten minutes later, the Ebon Hawk rose into the air, and took off out of the docking bay and into the fabulous ‘forget-me-not-blue’ sky, and out into the space above. Nom making sure he reminded himself to come back the next chance he had. He plotted a course for Telos. The slipstream opened, and they entered hyperspace.

But there was another ship also waiting behind them, smaller in size compared to the Hawk, but was outfitted with heavier armour and more advanced weapons. The occupant entered the same co-ordinates for Telos, and followed in the Ebon Hawks wake.

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