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MasterRoss: Funny how your MSN account is an AOL email address! Do you have AIM?

Funny also how many people use MSN (they can't ALL be microsoft employees!). I can't get it to work for me, period. Don't know why!

Maybe it's because I don't use IE anymore? (but I have win2k)

I use Trillian and thereby manage accounts for Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ, since it seems like so many people have just one that they use. But MSN, just doesn't work. I have an account, but it just fails to login. I don't feel like installing their messager program seperately to run it at the same time.

I have Xfire, but hardly anyone I know uses it that plays the same games I do, so I rarely use it (and I don't want to run it at the same time as trillian, though I'm told the main reason people like it is because it won't interrupt your game when somebody sends you a message).

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