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You have to think of the parents as well. They were not in their right mind when they boutgh little Jimmy GTA:SA for his 9th birthday. They really have to educate themselves on ratings, or at least have a cheesy talk with their kids. I dont think most have played a game themselves, same with the activists. It was hard to get Hot Coffee, that wasn't taken into account, though I have mixed feelings on Bully. I dont know enough to really have much of an opinion. But ever since games came out, violence has actually decreased, that should be taken into account as well. Afterall, when you come home from a bad day, nothing is as satisfying as shooting a guy in the crotch over and over.

But in the end, we wont have this discussion 10 years from now. Cuz eventually, our leaders will have played these violent videogames and have come out alright. Not all kids are stupid and impressionable, the few cases out of all the players have other contributing factors, the rest are smart. hey, I'm 13 and got M-rated games by buying them off of the internet with an account my dad made for me adn I'm alright.
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